Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cuteness and frustration

2 nights ago, 2 a.m. , I wake screaming. Clutching my leg, in the worst pain imaginable. It hurts! It hurts to straighten my leg. It hurts to pull my leg up. It hurts to move my foot. Oh my gosh, I have the worst charley horse in the world. Two days later and my calf STILL hurts! What's up with that? I think I scared Mojo half to death waking him up with the screaming and thrashing. Why is my body betraying me like this?

Plus also, all of a sudden my clumsy gene has come out to play again. I tripped on Mojo's foot as he was sitting in the living room. I had the entire room to walk in, and some how I managed to trip on his foot. Which by the way was not hanging out six feet from his body, oh no, it was pulled right up to the chair. How do I do it?

So, the girly-girls are learning about bike and car safety this week at school. According to Middlest she asked the School Counselor who was teaching this lesson, why her father doesn't get in trouble with the police whenever he doesn't wear his seat belt. The Counselor asked Middlest where her father was from. Middlest replied that he was from Canada and the Counselor said that they didn't have seat belts in most cars in Canada!

I have problems with this on soooo many levels!

First, the total ignorance displayed by this woman is appalling. Why is she allowed to teach? Does she think everyone in Canada wears snowshoes and lives in an igloo too?

Second, I believe that Canada had seat belt legislation long before the US did.

Third, why did she ask where Mojo was from? What does that have to do with getting a ticket for not wearing a seat belt?  I thought that the law applied to everyone who is in a car in this state!


Maybe I'm just over reacting, but this kind of thing really bugs me. Why can't she just say I don't know, or actually understand how the law works before teaching about it. Don't stand in front of kids and "teach" them with misinformation, ignorance and just plain stupidness.

So, now that I am done ranting, here's the cuteness I promised...

Friday, March 25, 2011

The confessional

It's time to cleanse my soul with Mamarazzi and Glamazon!


Come on and join in. You'll feel better, Promise!

I confess that I am older than I used to be.
I have stopped getting spam emails for unit extenders and other smut and started getting them for powered wheelchairs.

I confess that I am feeling curmudgeonly lately.

I confess that I wish someone would have told me some of the things that happen as a woman ages. Oh, I don't mean the drooping and sagging, we all know about that! I mean little things like the fact that when you start getting grey hair, you start getting it everywhere! I took ten years off Mojo's life screaming in the shower!

Also, you start getting dark hair in places it never used to be. I am a fair skinned freckle-faced red headed chick. I have never had a mustache that wasn't made of milk. All of a sudden I look like Tom Selleck! WTF!?!?!?

I confess that I don't get why so much of aging has to do with hair. Losing it, growing it, changing colors. It's weird!

I confess I am only 42! I am scared. Whoever said that aging isn't for sissies hit the nail on the head.

I further confess that to add to my senior citizeness, I am, God willing and the creek don't rise, going to take a nap today!  My oldest is all of a sudden not sleeping though the night and is waking us up with her. I haven't had a full nights sleep in a week.

This may or may not be contributing to my curmudgeonlyness.

I confess that I am going to go try to wrestle my cranky-pants off with liberal applications of chocolate and Diet Pepsi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello Pandas!!!

Have you guys seen these?

I found these in the dollar bins at T@rget! I picked them up for Easter Baskets and threw an extra in for me. Not really expecting much I cracked the box open and saw these little cuties.

How cute are they? All the little Pandas are playing sports. Can you see the one playing hockey? It is my favorite. They are so good too. I have to have more! 

It is going to be a struggle to keep the other three boxes for the girls Easter Baskets! 

They come in Chocolate and Vanilla too! I am going to go back and get some of those too.

I am still recovering from Disney. Still tackling a mountain of laundry and trying to deliver GS cookies, and volunteering at the school, and all the other mundane stuff that makes up my days. I am trying to enjoy my family more though.

I have learned something very important about myself this week. The Girly-girls had a Science project due today. They were each assigned a planet and had to make a poster about it. So before the break I had them find all the facts and pictures they would need to make the posters. This week we printed them out and put it all together. 

I had a lot of trouble letting them do things themselves. I wanted everything to be perfect. And guess what? Nine year olds don't do anything perfectly. Sigh. I had to leave the room to keep from snatching things out of their little hands and gluing them on myself. I had to leave the room to stop arguing with Middlest about how to word some of the facts. It is her poster and if she fails to make things clear then that will be a learning experience too! It is just soooooo hard! I want them to do well and make good grades and I know exactly what they should do have such good advice, why won't they do it the way I tell them to take some of it?

As it was I did all the cutting out. I had to bite my lip and let them glue the pieces together and try really hard not to care that things were wonky. 

I REALLY have to work on that. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shots from WDW!!!

With Donald Duck @ the Epcot Flower show!

Crystal Palace and Eeyore!


Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday again! Hooray!


Time for confession...

I confess, that I left town for a week and did not tell all of you that I was going.

I confess, that Mojo and I checked the girly-girls out of school at noon last Wednesday and took them on a surprise birthday trip.  I normally nix any school skipping but they only missed a day and a half and it was for their ninth birthday!

I confess, we took them to Disney World for a week!

I confess, that they did not catch on until we pulled up to the huge Welcome to Walt Disney World sign! It was AWESOME! They were so excited even after ten hours in the car!

I confess, that we had the best time, in spite of the hoards of other people from Louisiana who ALSO went there for their week off of school for Mardi Gras.

I confess, that I did not wear even one LSU or Saints or Mardi Gras logo'd item while I was there. I apparently did not get the memo that said that you could not leave the state unless every item in your suitcase was tattooed with those logo's.

I confess, to being very irritated by all the Mardi Gras tackiness that went on on Fat Tuesday in the parks. If you love Mardi Gras that much that you can't leave it at home, then maybe you should stay there!

I confess, that I might have been a wee bit cranky due to excitement and lack of sleep.

I confess, that I was super happy to sleep in my own bed last night.

I confess, that I will tell you all about it soon. Only now I have to make groceries and tackle a mountain of laundry!

ps:  I also confess that I promise to link this correctly because I love Mamarazzi and Glamazon and don't want to cause them stress and crankiness!