Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Traditions

Every year on the last day of school I attack the girls as they get off the bus. And the annual "Last day of School Water Balloon Fight" commences.  This year as the Christmas holidays loomed toward me, I cast around looking for things to lighten me up and make me enjoy the Hols. I thought about the water balloon fight and about the fact that it was winter. I thought about the fact that the big girls don't catch the bus in out front yard anymore but down the street on someone else's corner.

I remembered something I saw on Pintrest. I didn't pin it at the time because I went back and looked for it for this post and could not find it. Anyway... it was a snowball fight in a can! I thought that is perfect. I can hide it behind the front door and bomb them when they walk in! So I went out and bought a Christmas tin shaped like a paint can and some white yarn. I spent one evening making big white Pompoms. I put it all together and hid it from my children.

And then I waited for the big day.


I forgot all about it.

Yep! I got sick with an inner ear imbalance caused by a prescription medicine and spent some time feeling dizzy and sick and throwing up and sleeping for days. And when the new medicine started to work and I felt a little better and finally like I could maybe drive again, Break was upon me and I forgot all about it in the frantic rush to catch up with all that I hadn't been able to do while living the worst hangover known to man. { and can I just say that it was HORRIBLE! and horribly unfair that I felt that way and I don't even drink that much! Like hardly ever! Not counting the company Christmas party, which is only once a year anyway!}

Nope, I had hidden the can in a tote filled to the brim with hidden presents and did not find it until Christmas eve. Doh!

So I decided that we would use it on New Years Eve! And that is what we did and the kids loved it. They want to do it every year now. so It is our new tradition. We don't have many for New Years. Really only the food stuff and the smashing of the gingerbread house. THAT is a subject for another post!