Who's Who

So Who is Who in My Fortunate Life? I am glad you asked...

Is my husband. He is a Canadian who was born to live in the Southern U.S.  He makes me laugh and he makes me cry and I love him more than words can say. He truly is my hero, each and every day.


She is the first twin. The "first born", by about a minute. She takes care of everyone and wants everyone to be happy.


She is the second twin. Thinks it's great to call herself the middle child. She is the leader, always doing things first and leading the way.


She is the youngest. Five years younger than her sisters and "THE BOSS". Don't ever forget it. She is in charge!


He is the Great Dane who shares our home. He is a big spoiled old man! He weighs about 145 pounds and sleeps in his own toddler bed. He thinks he is the boss, but don't tell Littlest.

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