Thursday, February 28, 2013

Poor Sick Babies

Last week Middlest woke up with a fever and a sore throat. She missed three days of school and the fever and sore throat went away and left behind a horrible croupy cough. She sounded like a barking seal y'all! Nothing touched that cough, not Vicks vapo rub, not cough drops, not any kind of cough syrup, not even Dearie's tried and true honey and whiskey remedy (that hot mess ALWAYS works!). Sigh.

I took her to the Doc on Monday and begged him to fix her.  He said that is was going around and wrote her a bunch of prescriptions: antibiotic, light steroid, codeine cough syrup, and breathing treatment meds, BUT he said she could go back to school. . Then just as the appointment was wrapping up he said "I bet another pretty young lady is going to feeling poorly pretty soon too." "WHAAAATTTTT" And sure enough, Oldest came home from school with a sore throat and fever. Bigger sigh. I got her on the antibiotic PDQ, hoping to avoid the barking seal cough, and she has been home from school ever since.  She is cuddled up on the chesterfield watching a documentary on the Galapagos Islands and playing with her iPad as I type this.

It is no fun for them to be sick though. They don't like to stay home without the other, and they really hate going to school alone. (In case I haven't said it before, kids are weird and twins are weirder!) But is no fun for me either. I have to keep all this medicine straight. Which isn't made any easier by instructions like " give three pills twice a day for the first two days and then two pills twice a day for three days, and then spin around four times and hop on one foot.".

I am praying the Littlest will stay healthy and that Oldest can go back to school tomorrow.
Oh, and y'all... that MucinexDM is the bombdiggity! But only take it in the morning cause you can't take it with the liquid blue heaven in a bottle at night.