Why do I live a fortunate life?

I am a forty something mother of 10 year old twin daughters and one 5 year old old daughter, an on a very long hiatus medical librarian, a frustrated artist, an aging punk hiding in the body of a soccer mom, ditto on the femme fatal glamour puss.We share our home with a doofy Great Dane, and numerous imaginary friends.
     I love my husband, Mojo Jojo, with every drop of blood and breath in my body. 

     I am a voracious and indiscriminate reader. My husband says that I don't read books I devour them.  
     I also love to start new craft projects, but I don't ever seem to finish them. 
I have more planned and unfinished projects than I know what to do with and more popping up everyday. I am running just as fast as I can just to fall farther behind every day.
     I love to complain about anything and everything. It gives my life focus, but after surviving Hurricane Katrina relatively unscathed I looked around and realized that I had so much to be grateful for and resolved to appreciate all the many and varied blessings in my life and stop taking so much for granted. 
I have kept an online "journal" of one sort or another since the mid 90's. This is my current incarnation. 

I hope you enjoy it.