Friday, March 30, 2012

Sofa Drama

So Mojo and I have been shopping for a new sofa for about two years. Not diligently or hard-core, but looking around and shopping none the less. It is difficult because out tastes are so different. I like mixy matchy textured sofas and he likes sleek modern leather.

This is what I like...

This is what Mojo likes...

So very different styles. We looked and looked and argued and then we only had a love seat and two chairs in the den and five people trying to sit down. So we kept looking and we finally, about two or three months ago found this...

We both loved it so we bought it. Paid for it and then waited for it to be delivered. After about a month the sales clerk called and our sofa had been discontinued and we could not have it! WHAT??? So she wanted to know did I want the floor model? I asked her how much the floor model was and she was surprised, I guess she thought I should pay full price for  it?  Anyway she had to "talk to her manager" who offered us a whole THIRTY dollars off our price. Because we had bought the sofa at ten percent off in the first place. I said no. We went back and forth and I finally just said that I wasn't paying that much for what was essentially a used sofa.

Walking around their showroom I saw kids jumping on the furniture. People lounging with open drinks on the furniture and doing God knows what else. So no, I wasn't paying the same price for a new one as for the floor model.

Later that day the Sales Manager called and made me another offer, I agreed and told her that we would come in the next day and look over the sofa and if it was in good shape we would take in home that day.

The next day, I really have no idea WHAT happened on the interstate but a 30min trip took 2 hours! We get there and everybody runs for the bathrooms! The we go to check out the floor model, only it is gone. I told Mojo that maybe because it was discontinued they had moved it to the back. But, NO! They SOLD IT!!!! They sold the sofa we had ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!

I could not help it, I burst into laughter. I mean REALLY?????? REALLY??????

So they tell us if we choose another sofa THAT day they will give us a "good Deal".
So we wandered around for 2 hours and finally choose this one...

Notice the cushions? Yeah, they came from the first sofa! The store was selling them! Someone did not get all the cushions with their sofa I guess! Anyway, Mojo being the wheeler dealer that he is got them for us for FREE! They were 30 dollars each! On top of the "good deal" on the sofa!

So we waited for THIS one. And it finally arrived and I LOVED it. It looks even better than I thought it would in the room! But then I noticed THIS...

OH NO!!! So I call them and send over this very picture and wait three days. AND they are sending us a new new new sofa! I thought it would be more difficult. So fingers crossed we will finally finally get a sofa!!!!

Who know that buying a sofa would be such a hassle???

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